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21 September 2009 @ 07:15 pm
yay~ so i moved my things in on friday, but i went back home because it was seth's first birthday I took pictures of the apartment that day. So that's my room. i share it with linda. hehe~ mine is green&blue! yeah.. so it was just me and linda on friday moving in because the guys were going to come on saturday & sunday. so we decided that we should just go home too since it was just going to be us and I had seth's birthday party to go to so linda would be there all alone. So we left after the whole mandatory meeting. So I went back home and just chilled. The next day~ i went to seth's. yay! i can't believe he's a year old. It doesn't even seem to be that long. its just crazy how fast time flies. I remember coming to the hospital when he was born and now he's one! such a cutie pie. Its going to be weird not seeing him all the time. Home is still close though. So then sunday I cam back cause we had a mandatory meeting at 2. and after the meeting we went downtown to explore, but there wasn't really anything to do. We came back "home". We watched TV and chilled until night time. Lots of chilling and TV watching. So we had another meeting this morning so we had to wake up early. Its so cold in the morning. I guess I'll start wearing swearts and long pants to sleep now. Shorts was a bad choice it was so cold. I think linda brought in the heater in the middle of the night. So after the meeting we just went to the quarry cause peter needed to take his id picture and we were browsing through the bookstore. I saw nassim, i haven't see anyone else though. after the bookstore we went to upper street for free mexican food. after that we just went home and we've been chilling ever since. I don't know. there's a dance party tonight. they're supposedly playing michael jackson songs. i think me and linda are going to go check it out. We need things to do. LOL. soo.. I haven' t blogged in a while. I just felt like doing it. I don't know what else to say. I think i'll be coming home this weekend. My dad's going to china tomorrow so I'll just chill with my mom for a while.


28 August 2009 @ 11:22 pm
go eat at::
     + new yogurtland on aborn
     + boiling crab
     + loving hut
     + korean tofu place
     + wing stop
     + whimsical
+ pictures at gm
+ chuckie cheeses
+ mall w/ wendy
+ 17 again w/ wendy
+ get a credit card :P
14 August 2009 @ 10:57 pm
I had an awesome possum time today!!!

Woke up at 6:05, only because I actually set my cellphone alarm. Thank goodness for that, I would have totally woken up late. I got ready and did morning stuff and by about 6:50ish I was out of the house, but I spent a little time in my car cause it was cold and my windows were all wet and icy. Ah~ the weather fascinates me. So I drove to Jenny's house and was there at about 7:20ish give or take a few minutes. Jenny was doing makeup and Linda was doing hair and I was still tired. We picked up Mark and Alvin. Hehe... Mark was super duper funny today. Hmm~ let me try to remember something.. "shake, shake, shake that ass girl", "and the reasonnnn isssssss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu", the ocean pee song, and a bunch of other things that completely slipped out of my memory.

Sooo anyway.. Alvin drove us tooooooooooo~ the Fremont Bart Station. And obviously we took the bart to sf. We got off at Powell and went to forever21. I couldn't really find anything, but that's okay, it was still fun looking around and stuff. Then we were going to the mall cause no one except Linda ate breakfast. we stopped by one of those street stall guys and he was making bracelets that are really awesome and nice, but i didn't get anything. Then we went to eat and panda express. Linda and Mark got their food and went to sit down and then when it was our turn to pay, the freaking machine broke! Do you believe that?! We waited forEVERR and the lady ended up doing the charge calculations on her calculator. SIGH. Why didn't she just do that before or something. We had to wait and we got nothing as an apology. Sigh. Oh well. it's done and over with. Anyway~ we ate and stuff and we just did a few things around the mall and decided to go back tgo forever21. Well, we were exiting and this lady stopped us and asked if we'd take a survey for her. All I really did was stare at the wad of money in her hands. Then they decided that they wouldn't mind doing the survey so we did it and we each got two dollars for it. LOL. Thats the first time I ever got paid by someone outside of my family. LOL. So yeah, we went and i forgot if we went to forever a second time or just decided to go to Chinatown. So then we took the longest walk in the world through Chinatown. Blah blah blah~ Went to a bunch of stores and such and browsed. And then they got tenren, but i only like the yogurt ones but they don't have those in sf so i didn't get any! Umm.. We went back and I got a bracelet from the guy and and and ILOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT~! Jenny and Alvin got one before me and then Linda got hers after, but she got one the first time we saw him so yeah~! I don't know if its water resistant, but I don't think it is so i took it off earlier before I showered, so maybe i'll post a picture of it later! Anywayy~ we went back to forever and did a little more browsing on my part. Played taptap with mark and I WON FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVERRRRRRRRRRR! YAY! Did more browsing and stuff and I ended up getting boxer shorts for sleeping~ they're cute! Pink and black! YAY! So then~ We took the bart again to embarkadero, totally spelled that wrong but thats okay.

We walked some more and took pictures and such and yeah. I don't know, i'm getting kinda tired. It's like 11:30ish right now. Anyway, so we took some pictures and walked around and it was really coooooooooooooool~! Pretty flowers and stuff and I don't know, the view was nice and stuff. We were going to Fisherman's Wharf but then it was a hella long way to go, so we stopped at I don't know Pier 4-10. LOL. Somewhere in between those. Umm... I think we just went back after that and we stopped by a park and took pictures and stuff. Went to the potty and such. Walked back. They bought some taco bell.

Took bart back to Fremont. We didn't have seats when we went in and my feet were killing me, but that's okay. Jenny fell asleep standing up, it was hella funny. I don't know, its a blur, i'm tired. Blah blah blah, we made it back to fremont and decided to go eat cause we were all starving. Went to Maruichi (i think thats how you spell it) it was yummy~ Was starving! Drank lots of water. It was hella fun, but I don't remember what happened. The drive back home was fun too! I don't knowwwwwwwwwww. I'm going to stop this, cause i'm superdy duperdy tired!

BYE! Kathy
06 August 2009 @ 08:50 am
To Do List:
~ summer homework:
   + read
   + write
   + alcohol education course
      + part 1
      + part 2
+ clean room
~ buy
   + laptop
   + case
   + a wireless mouse
   + a printer
   + walnuts making walnut shrimp for uncle&aunts birthday
   + bedding
+ find out who I'm living with (August 107)
+ move all files into external & organize
+ start packing

~ get:
   + firefox
   + windows live (it won't let me download it T-T)
   + aim
   + photoshop kind of, trial version :/ my serial won't work anymore
   +  magix
   + goldwave
   + fonts
   + winamp
      + shoutcast
~ watch
   + yobi the five tailed fox
   + my neighbor tortoro
   + the time-traveler's wife with cynthia
   + ponyo
+ sf with my chingoos
+ picnic with people at the tree

moving day: September 18th